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Suntech, Lead Intelligent and Leadmicro Forge a 2 GW Digitized Smart Factory for High-Efficiency TOPCon Cells

Suntech, Lead Intelligent and Leadmicro Forge a 2 GW Digitized Smart Factory for High-Efficiency TOPCon Cells
On April 21st, Suntech, together with Lead Intelligent and Leadmicro signed a cooperation agreement for the three parties to forge the first digitized smart factory for high-efficiency TOPCon PV Cells in the industry. President of Suntech, Tang Jun, and Chairman of Lead Intelligent, Wang Yanqing graced the occasion to witness the ceremony.

The smart factory for high-efficiency TOPCon PV Cells developed by Suntech, Lead Intelligent and Leadmicro utilizes leading industrial internet technology for smart factory solutions. Based on ALD atomic deposition coating techniques, silkscreen printing technique, smart TOPCon turnkey production line, automatic material feeders, unmanned AGV for PV cell plates and widespread adaptation of FMS operations control, the production line can produce both M10 (182mm) and M12 (210mm) cells. The conversion efficiency of TOPCon is in excess of 24% and the total production capacity can achieve 2 GW.

The smart factory is the first in the industry to establish a fully digital-based production line. It is equipped with sensor technology and intelligent & connected equipment production technology to automatically monitor and collect data in real-time, allowing production, logistics, and storage to make automatic changes accordingly. The factory also uses visual data augmentation to monitor the product quality in real-time for the prevention of defects and the need for rework. Based on industrial internet technology, the smart factory solution will include big data analysis and control. Man-Machine Interface technology will also enhance efficiency on decision-making. It can be seen that the fully digitized TOPCon production line would stay competitive, enhance control of the production process, reduce the need for human intervention and achieve the standards of a highly efficient factory.

This partnership will continue the long history of collaboration between Lead Intelligent and Suntech. Lead Intelligent developed the first-generation automatic PV module production line for Suntech, thus successfully ended the dominance of foreign PV equipment manufacturers. On the 20th anniversary of Suntech, the two pioneers joined hands again to mark a more significant milestone.

In recent years, through Suntech Group’s successful vertical integration, it had accumulated a combined 10 GW of high-efficiency production capacity worldwide. The insistence on innovative PV technology has always placed Suntech in a leading position in the industrialization of new technology applications. The forging of the 2 GW smart factory for high-efficiency TOPCon PV cells is a testament to Suntech advanced production and breakthrough techniques. In 2021, Suntech will continue to continue to improve and increase collaboration with the industrial chain, be devoted to servicing the global customers and satisfy the global PV industry’s demand for high-quality and high-efficiency PV products.


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